Thursday, August 26, 2010

On the road.

I have been on the road for two days to Kisumu. Having left the
capital at 3pm and found myself at Lanet,my heart gave into the spirit
of adventure! In life we have certain luxuries that we take for
granted like a soft pillow,good matress,modern washrooms,coffee and a
peace of mind. We happened to sleep at a lodge-the Lion Hill at Lanet.
The place was good but I had to settle for a little less luxury. It is
just a place to rest for the night and nothing more. There was coffee
and I was pleased! The food was great-this coming from my pals-but I
could'nt dig in because I don't eat beef,mutton or goat! So I had a
banana and three cups of coffee and slept! It has been a great road
trip and with time, I shall draw out my pen and paper and put it down.
Being on the road like truckers means adapting to various conditions.
The person who does so in the best way possible exhibits a form of
intelligence-that psychologists know all too well. We are now headed
to Kericho-am sorrounded by trees and some mist and gotta stop before
my fingers get numb. I so am on the road!

Totally awesome!