Sunday, August 29, 2010

Get serious!

There are many ways to tell how serious a person is. They can have a
'stone face',stay away from people to work,hang the sign of 'do not
disturb' where they are,some are wise enough to tell you to back off.
For the past three days I have been in the company of a person who is
beyond irritating. It is true that men have the hormone
testosterone-but the levels vary. One with too much is hyper active
the one with below minimum could be seen as hypoactive. A lot is yet
to be learnt when dealing with men-that is for sure. But if by chance
you are doomed to be in the company of an annoying,perverted,less
charming and disobedient man-I have two words for you-GET SERIOUS! Of
course 'RUN AWAY' were the first that came to mind but they do not
produce results. At the end of the day no matter what happens-however
pissed off you get,you had better know that no one can belittle,
offend or insult you as a whole-unless you let them. Do not get on
other people's nerves until they have no more left! I have to get back
to some to you later!

Totally awesome!