Thursday, August 19, 2010

Read in between the lines.

Ever been to the ocean? Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the
surface of the sea-the animals,and how they survive. It would be too
cliche to say,'what you see is what you get.' That does not always
apply because everyone strives to make a good impression. We seek to
be accepted and forget what it costs us. I was almost attacked by a
monkey,but came out safe and afraid! There must have been more to the
attack than my orange shoes and water bottle. Instead of being mad at
the monkey, I have spent the past twenty minutes making a list of why
it attacked me! That sounds crazy but it helps me understand what else
I could have overlooked . I wish I could ask it why it did so,but it
does not talk 'human'-yeah. We are selfish creatures,we seek our way
but if we could only ask questions such as 'why?' we would understand
people better and even appreciate ourselves. We can look beneath the
surface,and learn what we have not been easily presented with.

Totally awesome!