Saturday, August 14, 2010


So, comfort food is that unhealthy snack that makes you feel good after a crappy day, right? Well, I have two things that I like to eat to get me going. Most famous writers have been heard to say that writers are melancholics! They have their low moments and can write best in seclusion. I agree, but most people do not see the logic especially when you are an introvert. I have had wrangles or situations where some person or family member has yelled at me for not acting like they would have in a certain scenario. What's my excuse? I am different and until anyone learns to accept that am betting people are gonna yell for longer. I love coffee, it keeps me goping when I have a writing moment. And I experience many bouts mostly of mania and sometimes you could say low moments when I simply want my own space. So, my comfort food-is Coffee. Notice I said "food" because to me it not so much a beverage but a reliever of loads of tension. At the end of the day nothing matters but being able to enjoy doing what you love and having your space. I do hope though that sometime people would learn to let others be and stop trying to make them similar-gotta go sit an exam, then take coffee!

Totally awesome!