Sunday, August 29, 2010


This is the second post for today,being on the field does not guarantee enough time to post an article. What happens when you hear a heart warming story,or an act of injustice? Whose side do you take? Why do you empathise and have a strong yearning to defend them? Everyone has the tendency to speculate-that is to guess what might have been the course of an action. Detectives and private investigators use this to get results in their line of duty. Papparazzi use this to dish out a celebrity's life to the whole world. We speculate a lot as writers. I have been doing this ever since I met a couple-well am not sure of that-they were holding hands and walking to the mall. The guy was glad,he had a smile on his face while the girl was smitten. That jovial mood was destroyed when they saw me approach them. See the two were my classmates and were volatile! They got on each others nerves and led most to believe they were enemies. But love if taken to be an emotion can be volatile. So am guessing that the couple are way in love and won't probe further until am told so by the couple. I have been speculating all along as to their relationship. There is nothing wrong with that like every other process it has to be regulated. If not am bound to be called a papparazi.