Wednesday, September 1, 2010


When I say that I am mesmerized,you'd ask me at what? But if you have
tuned into the Kenyan news you'd be dumbfounded! I don't mean today
but daily. We go to parks to watch animals and take pictures,but
forget to look at ourselves. Animals are pleasing because they do not
pretend. Humans are hypocrites for many reasons beyond my explanation.
Being mesmerized means two things: silence and awe! Silence to digest
what you encounter and awe to simply take in your thoughts. I have
often said that one weakness we have as humans is our ability to
believe. We can be swayed by anything as long as we are comfortable or
pleased and belong. Take examples as people joining cults,believing
myths,hating people they know not,having an opinion that is assumption
based and many more. If you encountered an anomaly wouldn't you be