Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Okay, the title might be cheesy but it is the thought that counts. I have
been on the road for a while and have not failed to let you know what I have
encountered on a daily basis. This time around we happened to sleep over at
Saiya. The place we slept in was called ViLLA,it was nothing like the
name,but a friend reminded me that there is no place like home. I quit
complaining. I did get to learn more about people-there's more to them
than clothes and just plain looks. When you are grouped for whatever
purpose, a lot is bound to happen,some find love,others gossip,some
stay far away while the rest live to amuse. Am just saying that the
next time you are on the road enjoy every outrageous bit of it. That's
how a good story is formed. You could also take time off and become a
studier of intricate characters. You'd never be out of track. Have a
great mid week people,we shall talk later,work calls!
Totally awesome!