Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Endless cold war!

What happens when you no longer want to go home? When home is more of
a battle ground and you'd rather keep running? I bumped into a
friend,let's call her Ray. She looked worn out and emaciated. I went
on to ask of her well being. She wants her own peace of mind. I then
asked her why? She went on to say that she has been living with a
relative and recently feels that she is a burden. She can't move out
or co-share with another person due to inadequate resources. Her uncle
and aunt have not talked to her in a month. They keep asking her when
she is ending the semester. I then asked her whether there was an
agreement between them and her parents. She consented to this. She was
to stay with them for two months then move out. It has been six
months! They are tired. They have an extra mouth to feed,a life to be
concerned about, I don't blame them. Ray reminded me of the human
spirit. There's only so much that we can take. We get emotionally
tired of trying to be happy. But what matters most is how we are
willing to go about it. I am reminded of Chris Daughtry's song-Home.
He says 'am going home,back to the place where i belong,where love's
always been enough for me.' He got it right,and it has never been easy
staying with relatives (I can attest to that). But whenever a cold war
is on be vibrant,kind,grateful. Wake up every morning and count the
things you are lucky to have. If you ever feel like running away,just
ask yourself what it is you are running from.

Totally awesome!