Monday, October 25, 2010


Annie Dillard is one of the best female writers whose work I have read. In her short take on 'The writing life' she makes a comment that is unusual. She says ''why people want to be writers i will never know,unless it is that their lives lack material footing.'' I was shocked at first but it got me thinking-she would be right. Especially when you are experiencing a writers block,nothing seems to move or matter anymore. But we can do something about that. Being stuck in a rut does not mean that we are welcome to make it our home. A delightful thought just came to mind about making a road trip. Going round to towns that I have never had the privilege or time to visit and spending a day or two there. Doing this would be cherished by Annie,since she did travel too-but it would be a great opportunity to prove her quote wrong. Being on the move means that your life has a foundation. A purpose. In this case I mean doing things on a daily basis to advance yourself. But being stagnant is a cue for you to recharge your batteries and keep going. Most people don't notice that they are stagnant,until they are told to quit whining and be grateful for what they have. Now I have to settle down,take a cup of hot coffee and plan my road trip-you get moving don't wait for that time when it becomes an ultimatum. How will you that time? Well,you will when someone or your own self tells you-'unless you can change things for the better,quit whining!'