Monday, October 25, 2010


I recently watched an episode of Everwood and it got me thinking about
dreams. I don't mean those that we have at night,like we are falling
in an endless blackhole. I am talking of the dreams-that we are seek
to realize. Like say being a doctor,teacher,writer or even movie
director. In Everwood,one of the lead actors-Ephraim,is scared of
playing the piano again. When he attends a gathering for his
mentor,after he's passed on-and while there is asked to play. Ephraim
gets on the keyboard and plays like a pro. He even loves playing. Most
of the times we live but are not alive. We just do routine things in
life. We have a dream but we don't relish possessing the knowledge of
it. We might get scared or disappointed but that does not mean we give
up-not at all. So whenever you are at that stagnant point in life,all
you have to remember is Ephraim. Just like him,you never know how good
or bad it is going to make you feel unless you play.

Totally awesome!