Tuesday, November 2, 2010


So I boarded this matatu from town to school this morning. I was extremely tired and eager to get to school and read the old issue of Rolling Stone that I had bought. I walked straight into a 44 and headed for the back seat. The music was blaring so the back seat was the best option. This lady,she was in a black dress, had nice red heels and a big black purse. We often call them "Silaha" because they are big enough to carry an AK-47! She settles next to me, opens the window and pulls out a black paper bag. In my head am waiting for her to start eating french fries. She does not. Why? She starts nibbling on some fried chicken. I fumble through my bag thinking I have a camera to take a quick photo for this blog post, but I realize I don't have one. She eats in peace. She enjoys every bite as the scent of fried chicken fills the matatu. Thinking that the worst is over, the tout asks for fare. When he turns back at her he says, "madam, ata wewe ni kuku-kuku!" And the passengers burst out laughing. The lady also laughs. You never know when you are going to encounter wonders, but they never cease. Anyone can eat what they feel they need to. Some just can't buy take-away food and then wait to eat it when they get home. Now I have something to think of.