Monday, November 1, 2010


We have great expectations. We want to get high paying jobs, a lot of
money,a family,a house,clothes-we want to be happy. When you ask
people what they want in life,most would say happiness. But have you
noticed that happiness is synonymous with want? Say you earn 20,000/@
per month,and get a job that pays twice-you'd go for it. Why? We are
not so content with what we have due to the influence of the economy.
Most of the things that are part of our life,have money value. And the
value of money fluctuates,so do our wants and desires. If you compare
this year to the 1950's,we have so many luxuries,our health is taken
care of,and our economy is way improved,so why aren't people happy? I
would say it is due to want. The fact that we don't get satisfied is
why people are not happy. But one might say that we can't be content
with what we have because there are so many things to be taken care of
like bills and the like. True,but who told you to live beyond your
means? Why try to fit in when you absolutely don't have to? It is a
great feeling to get a hint,and share it. I still insist that
Notorious BIG was right-'the more money you have,the more problems you
have.' Having money attracts expenditure. And expenditure means loss
of money,which in turn means you have to get more.

Totally awesome!