Monday, November 29, 2010


I got induced by my cousin to tune into Voice of America (VOA). It was
there that I heard Katy Perry's song titled, 'Fireworks.' The lyrics
are straight forward. They ask a person to let others know what they
are made of,and to pursue their dreams no matter what. In listening to
the song I couldn't help but wonder why people shy away from letting
their own light shine. We are different,unique in a good way and we
ought to share that. I bumped into an old friend today and felt good
at seeing her. She is now established as a painter and sells her
paintings to interested people. Like many,it took her a while and a
lot of convincing to go public with her paintings. Now she loves what
she does. She gets pressured to paint but told me that she loves the
feeling that her work is appreciated. What talent do you have? Do you
have your light hidden? Are you afraid of showing people what you are
made of? For the every moment that you live,do not afraid to let
people know your talent. You might run into those who would want to
use or abuse you. Don't let them,live your life and let the fireworks
light up the sky.

Totally awesome!