Monday, November 29, 2010


Walking simply means putting one foot ahead of the other. You could put one foot in-front while the other follows and vice versa. It is almost 4:00pm and I am walking home after a busy day at school. Had a couple of papers to finish compiling and group discussions. I use the Kasarani route home---it is like a half an hour walk downhill and maybe more uphill. I just passed the Stadia itself and can't help but wonder why I never was interested in athletics, maybe it is because my primary school had no running or playing grounds! I walk past the "Nyumba ya Wazee" and wonder what would happen when I become old. Would I want my children to place me in a home like that? Would I be okay with other old helpless people like me or would I want to be constantly reminded of life and youth by seeing my children and grandchildren?
Then when I think I have had enough, I spot a woman roasting maize for sale. She looks clean so I walk to her and treat myself to maize a piece that goes for five shillings. I put some chilli and then walk down hill munching bits of the maize. One foot after the other and looking at the stream. I see a junction connecting Dandora, Baba dogo and Korogocho and can't help but wonder at how cool the mind is. If only we could use it to see the bits and pieces of beauty around us.
Totally awesome!