Monday, November 8, 2010


I am in a cyber and listening to the Fray's "Never say never." It is the one song that makes me wonder how people compose songs. Some say that a singer must be a poet first. Others say that a singer must be able to write and express themselves with ease. But don't you find it funny? Funny that people have so many expectations for others but not themselves? Like someone expects you to be the best that you can while they do not set the same standards for themselves. Many of those who have parents can understand this, but what does it mean? Is it to say that we lack expectations? No. We all have them it's just that we project our feelings, and thoughts on others to test whether they would be realized. Some people have dreams that they have kept on hold for others. Most parents have kept their dreams on hold just to help their kids realize their own. What does this mean for them? Should they give up and grow old? They should simply set their dream in motion after raising their kids. Because dreams are persistent. They are to be realized by all means, not set aside. So for today, get out there and keep your dream alive. I am now listening to Evermore's "Light surrounding." Who knows-I might just be inspired and write an article on that.

Totally awesome!