Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I was making my way to town today as early as 7:30am. I had no choice but to listen to Classic fm and they were talking about men who drink. The presenter was asking if the pressure at home can lead a man to drink. There was this man who called in. He talked of how his esteem as a husband was thrown out of the window the moment his wife started making more money than him. He said that made him start drinking, why? He said, he endured alcohol because compared to what was happening at his house-it was much better and peaceful. Simply put, he was drowning his misery in alcohol.
I found this very comical but also neurotic. A man can seek comfort in beer instead of staying at home and working through the issues he has with his wife. The one thing that I found amusing was in so doing-he is making his home more like Bosnia! War all over! Because in coming home drunk the wife has to shoulder the burden of taking care of the home. So she becomes the backbone of the family and he loses his status even the more. I rarely tune into Classic fm-but am grateful that I had to listen to it today, because it has shed light on many factors regarding esteem. Well, at least now there are many angles to pursue when it comes to looking into the divorce rate in Kenya.
Given all that-we should never quit. A friend once told me  that if I happen to get married-she'd be pleased. She said that if by chance we have arguments with my "unlucky" partner then we should argue all night if we have to, but we should not go to bed angry. As she was talking I kept thinking of Ne-yo's song "Mad." Now am listening to Matchbox 20's "Unwell."