Friday, December 17, 2010

Fast food joints in Kisumu.

Hey,if you are in Nairobi and reading this text,give yourself a pat on
the shoulder. I travelled to Kisumu,on Monday and I have enjoyed my
stay here. The sun,people,boda boda,lakeside,heat,madness and many
more. But there's one major issue,no make that two! Fries and coffee.
I am looking for the best place to go take three cups of coffee and
write! There ain't no cool place like that in Kisumu,and am getting
frustrated! Then,today we walked through looking for a place to eat
some good fries-but haven't found one,either they are too full,or the
fries are not clean. It is madness,sheer madness and I have to get
time away from the commotion and write.

Totally awesome!