Friday, December 10, 2010


I hope you dance is the title of a song that I have heard so many
times. I don't know who sang it. The voice is female,and it airs on
Family TV. Each time it plays,am left in awe,at how well composed it
is. But do we dance? Does our soul smile when times are tough? Do we
hang in there even when the hurricane seems to last a life time? I
have been working on my second book. There have been plenty of
emotions,doubts and spellchecks. I am finally seeing the pieces come
together and when that happens any writer can tell you that it is
peaceful. The world is full of questions. It also has answers that
when sought,can be found. So far,so good. But each time I hear that
song-it reminds me of what it means to hold on. So maybe you had a
rough day,or so many things go wrong well I hope you dance. I hope you
never lose your sense of wonder. I hope when the sun rises so do
you,and when it sets you look forward to dawn. I hope your
smile-lights up the weary. PS: Got to get back to writing.

Totally awesome!