Wednesday, December 8, 2010


So this marks my last few days in session this year and am super happy! Why? Well, try taking courses in Cognition and Research methods at a go and you will know how crazy it has been. But back to the main deal, Christmas is here! Every one is happy and in a spending mood. But where does this lead to and what does it mean for next year? Forgive me for always thinking like way ahead, but work with me here, okay? So, this year came and went. Some achieved the goals they had set, others did not. Then come next year we would still expect to advance in some aspect of life, how soon and what will we do?
I have an idea of what am planning to do:
  1. Write and publish my 2nd book.
  2. Get my blogs known to many followers. And on that note you, could always sign up and follow my other blog "Hearts of Gold" just follow the link
  3. Complete my Project "I am in a home, you?"
  4. Get ready for a master's s\application, come May 13th 2011.
  5. Then just when I had forgotten, Pray to God that I make it to 2011Rolling on the floor laughing. So now that I have all that settled, what are you thinking of when it comes to advancing your life next year? Do you want it to be the same as this year or different? At the end of it all, what matters is how we get there? Some can plan all their life but never get anything done. If you are that kind of person and it works well for you, am envious! If you are not, then it would hurt to think two things: You are special and Your life is worth living!