Monday, December 27, 2010


For starters, there are many people who do not really get what Philosophy is. It is a study, that's true. It also seeks to understand what is beyond reality and make use of logic in making arguments. Simply put, it is taking a simple object and giving it a whole new meaning. A close friend, has been having issues with his girlfriend and while in his company, he said that "women are like Philosophy, they take small things and make them big, for no reason." I almost hit him on the head. But I understood that he was emotionally confused. Love is the most irrational feeling there is. I keep telling my friends that but they simply tell me to shut up! So, back to what he said, could it be true? If it true on what premise does he make his argument? And does his conclusion support his argument? Philosophy does expound on matters, but it is for a reason. For people to understand and accept a point of view that is well presented. The difference between Philosophy and women, all this is on my friend's reasoning, is that one is intangible while the other is tangible. Women are visible while Philosophy is not. True, but what  he forgets is that while he was arguing his case he was doing so Philosophically. How? He was simply trying to make us see his point of view!