Monday, January 3, 2011

What next?

I have spent the whole morning asking myself 'what next?' A new year
comes with plenty of questions,hopes and trends of thought. Every
writer faces that question-what next? You have a book out,so? You are
working on the second one,so when will it be out? Then what next? It
might get on your nerves especially when you are trying to figure out
a lot of things in life. But,it is human to ask what comes tomorrow.
Being the creatures that can believe,we also ask questions. It is
through our sense of wonder that most inventions have come to be. Back
to the question-what next? What do you have planned this year? What
are some of the changes you want to make to better your life? These
questions sound simple. Please do not be fooled-they are not. You can
dream big,but make it systematic. Say your goal is to save up for a
trip to Amboseli. You earn roughly 20,000/=. You could make a point of
saving say 2000/= every month till you have enough. A good plan will
help you answer what next? It will also make you know your strengths
and weaknesses pertaining decision making,delivery of promises and
focus. Have a great week. I will get back to my writing plan and
structure what comes next-with my third book.

Totally awesome!