Friday, January 7, 2011

Drama all around me.

Woke up to do some household chores then left. I had to study in the
library,visit a long lost friend,follow up on a proposal and the list
is endless. But I learnt that my patience is very thin. A person can
get on my nerves and stay there. I only get them off when I want to.
Protocol a.k.a bureaucracy is meant to make official matters
effective,right? Wrong! Welcome to the Municipal council of Kisumu
where it takes two weeks to approve a 500 word volunteer application
letter. The Kenyan goverment is known for many things including
induced protocol that hampers productivity! I felt real bad about
being sent from one office to another till I gave up. In between the
tossing and turning I managed to write a short story about offices.
This year is meant to be the year when I achieve all the goals I set.
I am glad I did so too last year. Am raising the bar this year-let's
see how far I shall go. I was to write on emotional baggage,but had a
better idea. It is simply the emotions that we suppress in the hope
that they will never be expressed. These are the crazy ones that do
haunt our conscience. If you happen to have drama all around you...
STOP! BREATHE! THINK! Then ACT! Easy to write uh? Well,you stop to
figure out what the drama is and breathe when you know where you fit
in the picture. You then think of how to solve or get out of the
drama,then lastly,you act upon your decision.

Totally awesome!