Monday, January 10, 2011

Left unsaid...

I wonder why most of my friends misuse the ellipsis. Simply put the
three dots (...). If you go on social networks-or chat a lot on the
internet you must have noticed it. So,what's an ellipsis? It is the
act of leaving out a word or words from a sentence
deliberately,especially when one can make meaning without them. So the
dots just signify words that need not be written because their meaning
is already understood by the reader. Now back to the internet,do you
get what people mean? Truth be told, I don't. It irks me especially
when someone adds a fullstop to the ellipsis. It makes no sense! In
life,there are lots of ellipses. There are those situations that make
sense with or without explanation. Then there are those that just
don't make sense no matter how you look at it. Life's full of black of
white and grey areas. The grey areas teach us the greatest lessons
only after a successful struggle. We all get to see these things in
life. Some of us are busy trying to command people to do things their
way,others just want to be heard. The meeting point is the sudden
realization that you can choose what not to say to whom,when,where and

Totally awesome!