Saturday, January 22, 2011


It has been a long time since I posted an article, but it feels good to have something of value to say. I have been working on a self discovery journal hence the silence. Things did not go as planned with my school project and I had to get a different place to volunteer. So far it has been amazing. I have come to learn two things about social workers and community health workers. First, they talk too much and second, they are the least appreciated. When you do something for free, or out of your own free will do no expect to be paid. In fact expect to be looked down upon. Just like the legends or leaders all over the world who fought for humanity-like Mandela was prisoned for 27 years,Wangari Maathai had her hair pulled off and was beaten while defending trees,Jesus was hammered to a cross while He tried to save us from sin, and the various presidents who died or were killed for their country.
The self discovery journal is kind of a U-process. I have been focusing on how far I have come, where I am now and where I envision myself. It has brought to light so many goals that I had set but not achieved and I have found myself tormented by a three lettered word and mark- WHY?
So, whatever it is that you are doing out of your own free will do not expect to be acknowledged on the spot, rather do it and let it be.

Totally awesome!