Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I am not sure if I have used the title post before, but it seems to suit what I have in mind. This week has been all about patience. I do not mean waiting at the end of a long queue to be served, or waiting for someone who was to meet you five minutes ago and it is already an hour. I am talking of personality patience. Having to accept the fact that someone is unlike you and that complaining does not help and you have to get things done. Most of the time, we end up stressed because we try so hard to change something without understanding it. Life is not a piece of cake. It is flour, water, eggs, color,a couple of degrees cold,decorations and so so forth. Most people often say that life is unfair. I figured out this week that life is not unfair. Human beings lead lives and it is them who are either fair or unfair. When things seem hard and we are on the brink of giving up-most times we are so tired, or worn out to see a way out. But we have to be sober. We have to watch out and take those opportunities that come our way which could build our lives. So, am trying to tackle a question-does school kill creativity? Or is creativity killed by schooling? Does uniformity lead to the death of creativity? All these questions run around in my mind and am tempted to ask why? But for every why-there has to be a because- and then a why- and a-because until either the conscience or the rational part of us is satisfied. For today am headed home in this heat. I am going to grab my copy of Deafness by David Wright and read through every sentence as if I were marking an essay. Do not lose focus because things weigh you down. Instead flip things over and see what you can do about the situation---sobriety!