Monday, February 7, 2011


It is a very sunny day here in Kisumu and dawning a black tee shirt adds to my misery. It has been a crazy morning because most of it has been spent wondering what makes people tick. Why is it that in a room of at least five, two would find it easy to chat about a topic or simply become good buddies? I have often watched people go about their business-either in cafes, supermarkets, banks, churches and even in class. Now I have figured out that for me, it is all about their world. I am more interested in knowing what goes on in their world, what they value and what they despise, how they talk, react and even listen. Some writer reading this would say I am collecting characters for a project or just for the love of writing. It is both true and false. It is true because I have to present characters as real so people can relate to them. It is false because it is not my priority-at times watching people is fascinating. It even gets better when you watch them and they are oblivious to this. With the heat scorching my back and the radio playing slow songs-as if they want me to go to sleep-I have to make my way home and sit and stare. We have the power to see, but sight without comprehension is null and void. You see because it ought to spark something in you, if it does not ignite any memory, thought, wonder, or least of all a neurotransmitter-then it is nothing. Take some time off your self (yes, forget about yourself and your demands) and just watch what people do-you might learn a thing or two about human nature.

Totally awesome!