Monday, March 14, 2011


So, I was going through the books on the shelves at the Kisumu Public Library when I got this. He is some Greek sage that is not so much talked of, but whose tips on creativity are astounding. He says that " Your character is your destiny."
I kinda agree because I view a person's character as some kind of manual that dictates how they act and what kind of choices they make in various situations. If we make poor choices the consequences are likely to be negative and stressing. When we make good choices, the results are positive and most of the time we get some kind of reward. This however is applicable to certain choices and not all, like some parents would decide to enroll their children in certain schools just to secure a great future for them. Of course, some kids could see this as a burden, but in the long term it is a great choice! For today, am saying that we can choose to be great or less. We can choose to do good or evil, or worse off just sit back and do nothing. The choice is ours and all the little things we do make us who we are, so have a fabulous week!

Totally awesome!