Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New beginnings

Consider the repetition evident in the title post. All beginnings are new, right? Well, someone challenged me today that they are not. Say, you were tired of living in one condition and thought an upgrade would be better, then due to some crazy stuff beyond your control you had to go back to the old state? This is for say a person whose house has been robbed and they have to start shopping for new stuff. I did not see the logic because I was busy trying my best to understand how that related to making decisions. I am seeing to the end of a volunteer position with an organization that has taught me so much in such little time. As I was talking to the head, I felt like I was being stripped naked! I felt like something was missing and the desire to go on was so intense I almost took back my 'resignation' details. It was a decision that was long overdue and it had to be made. I had no say because there were some matters that needed my urgent attention. It is the same with us in life. We hate to start over because that means that we go back at the bottom of the ladder. We feel dethroned when we have to start a fresh. Truth is we shouldn't. If we start a fresh it means that we can make better choices and learn from our mistakes. It also means that we can appreciate the steps we took to annihilate problems and this is mostly good for our self esteem. I have seen friends who have either gone back to being single, or even started off in new towns with their families. Some have changed homes, lost their friends or even grown aloof. This marks the beginning of March...it is the month we celebrate Women. It is not bad to start afresh, what counts is are you willing to start from square one without regrets or complaints?