Thursday, February 10, 2011


I have in the past talked of how slow certain institutions are when it comes to services. This could be taken in two angles; either positive or negative depending on who is in line. The person being served is not irked, but those waiting forever in line could be. The level of anger would differ also based on at which part of the line they are in;either in front or they just walked in to find the line outside the building! So I was shocked this morning to walk into a bank and find that well-there were people waiting for them to open the doors! There were already 20 people, out of them one man stood out as very 'brief.' I put the word in quotes so as not to offend anyone. But the man stood out to me because he was the only person wearing black from head to toe. In this heat, that is an absolute no! No matter how cool you might look, black absorbs heat and in Kisumu-that is the color that should be avoided yet it is most popular!
So, why was I irked?
I was irked because the bank knows very well that they have so many clients. It is hazardous to stand for over an hour in a bank that is air conditioned only to be served. So I suggested that they create another branch to serve their clients better. Then this lady I was talking to smirked and continued writing. I thanked her for her precious time and stood to leave-that is when she called out to me, asking me to finish what I was saying. I told her I did not have the time. See-that is what we call poor customer service! As I left the bank I couldn't help but realize how much the lady needed a counseling session before being fired!