Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Well not so much so since we are almost three months into 2011. I mean turning a year older. We often do so when we celebrate our birthdays, like I am today! It has just hit me that I have seen two decades past and some two or three years onto that. I am a slave of my conscience just like Hamlet was. I keep asking myself today, what do I have to show for my age? What accomplishments will go down in record? If anyone is recording whose records matter the most? Last year, I wanted to have 3 evening dresses, 2 pairs of heels and a story published. I got all these and more. I also wanted to have entered at least 2 major competitions. I did get to enter three international writing competitions and I am happy to say that so far am proud of myself. I set the goal for this birthday as "charity."
Never before has that term haunted me like it has this morning! What is charity? Does the act of giving to see to the betterment of another being qualify to be  charity? It is a new year for me, because there is so much for me to do, so many Humanitarian cats to get involved in, at least to do good and uplift others, question is do you decide to change the course of your life or better it when your birthday looms?