Monday, June 6, 2011

Too much I guess...

I never thought that someone can take too much. I do not mean to ingest any substance-but taking too much nonsense from people. Bear with me here as I explainNerd smile. Life is full of so many pressure points. Randy Pausch, a renowned lecturer, at the Carnegie University,stated this once. He said that we encounter brick walls in life. These walls are not there to prevent us from achieving our dreams, but they are there to makes us fight for them. A wall is a barrier...the higher and stronger your wall, the more you must push and fight to achieve your dreams. Walls show tenacity, and determination.
When it comes to dealing with people at times, we get bogged down a lot. For instance, when you set someone on a pedestal and they disappoint us-that makes us feel awful. Most people, deem others as perfect and when they make mistakes we are quick to shame them. Latest stories in Kenya, are to do with the church. So many issues concerning how the church has let the congregation down, either they ask for too much money, are selfish, or simply brainwash people to meet their needs. Some have found this too much to take such that they have lost the little shred of faith they had. Isn't that being plain selfish?
It is too much I guess...when people expect those around them to be saints, yet they have not signed a memorandum of agreement. I used to get stressed, when people disappointed me. I would be disappointed with others, but not myself. The next time you get a bout of anger rising up your throat, cool it down with the question, "why?"
Why? Are you the perfect one? Di you send the person a memo, so they can act like you expect? If not, consider them to have stepped higher on the staircase of self-awareness. We learn through mistakes, and to simply judge a person or label a person without self-consideration is too much I guess.