Friday, June 3, 2011


I recently finished editing the complete drafts of two books: "Take this message to Rayo" and "Restaurant."
The former is in the hands of a Kenyan publisher, because most of my friends and family want to buy hard copies from within the country. The latter, just got reviewed and published last week at So far, I have two takes on online publishing! It is fast and cheap. Fast in essence that you get the feedback in less than 5 days. On some sites, you get it in less than 5 minutes! It also makes the writer experience publishing, because they take you through the steps and explain to you your role in detail. I also love the online self-publishing gig, because with it you get to know how to market your work and also learn tips on sales from other established writers.
So, I just got published-my second book titled "RESTAURANT" is out and can be accessed easily via Wordclay. The other way to find me, is by simply Googling my name and then the details of all my online publications will come up. I am pleased about this latest project, now I have to work hard on another project all-together...the third book, hope it goes well.
Whatever you're of luck!