Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Going with the flow

Have you ever found yourself immersed in something such that you can't stop what you're doing? Like some people can't stop watching an entire season of a program series, because they love it so much. There are also those whom I know can never leave the pool after they've taken the first dive.
What is common about all these people is the flow. They enjoy what they do to an extent of simply shutting out everything else and relishing that moment. Come back to writing (well, I talk lots about it, because that's what I do) and the feeling is the same. I have been writing a while now.
At first I started off with short stories. Now I can't help but write at least two short stories a day and the feeling I get is greatOpen-mouth smile!
So, can you stop yourself from going with the flow?
I had to find this out, the hard way. I pulled out my pen and paper and started writing a story. I was two pages down when my phone beeped. It reflected 10 unread messages. I tweet a lot and so, these tweets of people I interact with get to me via texts. So, I looked at my phone and my story. I decided to challenge my creative streak by picking the phone and reading my messages. Five minutes later, I could not write! I could not simply because I had interrupted the flow and so I started staring at people who passed by. It took me another ten minutes to get back to that flow and when I did even the voices around me were nothing. I wrote my piece and finished.
That was hard for me, but I came to realize that it gave my story a more mature feel.
Back to basics now, at that moment when my phone beeped, I was interrupted. I chose the diversion over my work and later completed my work. In life, there are diversions like that. We can choose to be diverted or not. We can stick to what we are doing, or take breaks to do other things, then come back to our work. What matters at the end of the day is how much you value your work. How much you value yourself and taking pride in your ability to get something done. These factors can work for us, with us or against us. When you decide to stop what you are doing and take a breather. The choice is yours and no one else. It is for you to take responsibility and get to accomplish any goal you set.
There is nothing wrong with going with the flow. However, if you let the flow dictate your life, then you will lose your ability to stand firm in the decisions you make.