Sunday, July 10, 2011

Garden of leaves

Since last year, I have had this fascination for leaves. I know it sounds, too botanical, but it is true. I have come to find "peace" just by collecting leaves. What kind of peace? Well, they are so simple, yet complex. If you perchance pick a leaf, any leaf, look at it carefully-there will be lines/veins that cut across the surface of the leaf. Some of these are vertical, others horizontal and in some leaves they create some kind of mesh.
Leaves are green when they are alive and healthy and brown when they wither.
They are the part that makes food for the tree. That is based on the Biology I can recall. It has hit me so many times in the past couple of months, how much leaves remind me of people. There are broad leaves, narrow leaves, scissor cut leaves, pine leaves, some are just down right ugly while others assume the look of flowers-like the Bougainvillea leaves. They are my favorite. So, what connection do leaves and people make?
Well, some people are broad, others narrow, some are downright ugly in their character and others seem good while they are bad. Leaves are visible. What you see is not always what you get. The same goes for people. What you see is not always what you get. When you think some people are proud and arrogant, with time you find out they are sweet and loving. It all takes time.
It is the same with life, everything takes time. What matters is how long you are willing to sit around and wait.
People can be horrible but everyone has a soft spot. Question is, are you willing to discover that soft spot? I have a garden of leaves as evident in my scrap book. It is the one place where each leaf reminds of each person, mood, time and most of all the lessons I have learnt in life.