Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Of tales and Myths

This has been the longest week for me. It seems to drag because I have been doing what I call "unpacking."
In life there are so many times when people disappoint us, or simply hurt us emotionally and we brush off the feelings of frustration and anger. Say someone thought of you as unkind, and in that moment of truth you simply walked away and said, they were mad and you forgot about it. I am what my delightful mother, calls a "bottler." I keep things inside. When you start shouting or hurling insults at me, I would stand and listen and let you say it all. I would then look away and walk away minutes later to wherever my mind tells me to.
On campus, I have learnt that it is often best to stroll to the field or grab a book and read, at times I write.
So, then what does this have to do with tales and myths?
Tales in this regard are the moments you recollect while dealing with the stored pain. It is you trying to sort out the details of what happened and how you reacted. It becomes a tale because you are telling yourself the details of the encounter days, weeks, months or years later.
It also can be a myth, when you simply tell yourself that you are okay and move on. Bottling has worked well for me in dealing with lots of teams in clubs, class, at the places I have volunteered and so forth. I keep it in and unleash it through words. I write out my feelings or walk them out and in essence I dispel all the negative emotions.
People are unique and social. You have to interact with them at some point if not most points in your life. You also have to be prepared for the disappointments and hope that you will deal with them well.
Start unpacking some negative emotions when they weigh you down. Like when you see your colleague walking up to you and you think, they are not worthy of your time, for maybe calling you "stupid" or "lazy."
When negative emotions stop you from listening to people in the here and now, you need to start unpacking.
It might take a while to get your balance back, but deal with the pain, frustration, anger, disappointment when you can.