Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I walked into my Literature class today expecting mind blowing exchanges on African writers and the various themes their books unleash. It was 11:12am, when this guy, of Nigerian descent (pardon the extra information) walked in-and said hi. I had shared a class with him and was pleased to see a familiar face.
He sat in front of me and the lecture began.
Our focus today was on Chinua Achebe's : Things Fall Apart.
I must say that I was disappointed when in the end, Okonkwo committed suicide because he realized that his people (Umofia) did not want to resist the White men, but were going to sit back and let the White men, instill in them their foreign culture at a loss of their own customs and values. Okonkwo goes into my character collection as one of those people who fought for something they valued when no one saw it as such.
Now, how does The 50th Law come into play?
Recall the Nigerian guy I told you about? Well, he's a reader like me and we started talking about the books we have encountered-read and loved. He pulled out The 50th Law and I immediately saw it was by 50 Cent and Robert Greene. Now Robert Green has written tow other books: War and The 48 Rules of Power. I have read the latter and was amazed at how ruthless, blunt and brilliant his observations were of people. So I asked the guy, if he could lend the book to me-because 50 Cent in my opinion is one of the ruthless rappers I know. He seems to try his hand, skills and time at everything- and though some fail (like G-Unit) others kick off well-like his movie, design, foot wear, water and now this book!
I have gotten past the first chapter and the best advice 50 Cent gives, based on his experience in life and on the streets: Don't be afraid of reality. Face your fears head on and learn from them. Do not also get complacent when things go well, because you might fall on your back so fast and so hard that getting back up will take you years!