Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I must admit that I believe in the unorthodox. It is so much fun going against the currents when you set out to have fun and learn something new. It is in this light that I speak up in my Chinese class-so at the lecturer gets to correct me if I am wrong and people laugh at me in the process. There is no harm in having fun-well, my shrink side would beg to differ, saying that what do I mean by fun?
Now, that is another blog post altogether! So, for this case I mean having a good laugh!
I did encounter a character that has taught me loads. She is Jackie Harrison, in the Cubicle Next Door- an awesome read by Siri Mitchell. At some point in the book-she tells Joe- her friend (future husband too) that he should not use the straw but instead should drink from the cup. Joe does not understand why, and she tells him it's being lazy. The straw is there to aide him drink up, but his mouth can do that better.
It got me thinking a whole lot after that.
In our school cafeteria-there are straws that go with the plastic cups. I have noticed students wait in line for the attendants to get them  straws from the back room. The cafeteria management knows this so well, that they can change the plastic cups but always have the straws on standby. So, I went about the past week taking juice without the straw of the plastic cover- and I was amused at how much attention I got.
Isn't it funny that when someone does something for their own convenience it becomes the opposite to us? If someone were to sit before me in class-and he/she would be spotting bathroom slippers (I love doing this) it would be an inconvenience because they did what I so wanted to do. It also goes against the belief that people strive to make a good first impression.
So how does this relate to having a good laugh?
Knowing that you are constricted by certain rules and expectations and that you can simply step out of that hold and learn so much about perception is what makes it a good laugh.