Thursday, September 29, 2011


There's a lot that's happened this week-and most probably so much to you as you read this article-so I am going to engage you in another discussion-not philosophical but hopefully beneficial to you.
REACTIVE and CREATIVE-do you notice that they are the same thing?
Same word just rearranged to mean something else? This reminds me of a song, by Eminem "Cinderella Man" in his album "Recovery" where he says "Evil spell it backwards and I'll show you..." I did spell it backwards and it came to "Live."
When you react to something-you are simply stepping back and assessing your action, and playing it out. It's simply put re-acting. Have you ever noticed or asked yourself why the actions you take in response to a situation can either be positive or negative? Say when you see a long lost friend you can react by expressing surprise and joy-the same goes for a relative you love and haven't seen in a while. Same thing through and through.
So where does creative come in?
Creative comes in when all you do is see things differently and say the truth, there and then. We spend most of our lives assessing our thoughts and actions that at times we are indeed living on a script that we have authored.
I have been asking myself what I am doing and whether every action I take is an embodiment of who I am. This led to the question of reaction and creation. Now I bet you are getting a little confused-allow to clarify here with a short story: a lady wakes up in the morning after say a break-up, and the first thing she does is pick up the phone and call the guy and tells him he needs to get back to her. She says she wants a second chance to make things work and the guy-thinks it's a waste of time, but gives her the chance. Now-most people (maybe including you) would not take the story as that, you'd first ask, why did they break up? If you are a woman, who has had awful relationships well-you might be quick to condemn her as needy and insecure. A guy on the other hand might ask, why the guy in the story went back on his word. See, we have the instinct of questioning-always trying to make sure that everywhere we step is safe. When we assess our moves and something happens-we call it a calamity, simply because we were not prepared for it. The creative part of a calamity or setbacks in this case it to build us up personally. Can you say for sure that your life-changing experiences came from the conscious decisions and plans you made, or from those events that caught you unawares?
Well...that's a question you can reflect on this week.