Friday, September 30, 2011

CHAD (Part 2)

Viola walked back to the office. It was six o'clock. She was spotting a short but decent cashmere skirt suit and black Marie Clare heels.

He lifted his head and smiled at her. "You always look lovely honey."

"You know I have to."

"Sit down please, so to what do I owe this beautiful visit?"

"I need some money."


"I need to buy new shoes and bags. I have to look good and maybe get some treatment for the trip this weekend."

"I take it the issue is settled."

"I left him last week. I need progress, not to regress."

"I love that. Shall we celebrate tonight?"

"I came prepared. We can leave when you want us to."

At that moment her phone lit up. She looked at the caller ID and switched it off. She was going to have the life she wanted. He could not stop her.

            Chad paced in his room. He paced a lot when he was thinking. He had been to Violet's place to pick her for dinner. He found the note on the table "gone to Coast. Bye."

What did she mean? What was happening in Mombasa? She did not tell him about the trip. They had dated for four years. They met when he was in second year. She was a marketing student, he was doing journalism. Even then her laughter filled the room. It was the first thing that attracted him to her. She was light skinned and had long hair. It was never unkempt. Her smile lit him up in ways he could not explain. They stayed together while on campus. They had to separate when she got a job in Nakuru immediately after. Now that she was in Nairobi, they still lived separately. She had wanted her independence and he had given it to her.  He could not comprehend her departure. The note did not say when she would be back. He sat before his computer and started doing his work. He would deal with that later.