Monday, September 12, 2011

The things I do

Let's be honest-there comes a time in life when you realize that the things you do are either stupid or completely unexpected, right?
If you said wrong-allow me to convince you otherwise-using my life as an example.
It's been pouring since 5:00am today, my room-mate was up by then getting ready for work. I could hear her move, and even watched her take breakfast in a dash before she left the room. She has this huge family umbrella that can provide cover for over 5 people!
So, she never carries it around given its' bulky nature-but to my utter surprise she reached for it today!
I got out of bed at 7:13am. I simply had to because of the uncanny desire to listen to Simple Plan & Natasha Bedingfields' Jet Lag, so I did that and got ready for school. When I hit the shower, it was pouring slightly-when I stepped out of the room it suddenly decided that heavy is the way to go.
I had my jeans and Joe Hardys (old-skools) soaked wet and muddy by the time I got to Safari Park. All the while I was singing and these girls look at me like I am crazy! I have just seen a new dawn, a wet one and chilly, but somehow my spirits were high up!
Then at the stage, I meet this guy who says he is doing a Bachelors of Science in Nairobi University-he lives in Meru and is making his way to the labor offices to apply for internship! In between those many accolades, he said that he also did a shot course on Community development at USIU-Africa. I know that USIU has never offered short courses-so I smiled and listened to him talk about life and share his wisdom. It was completely unexpected, and I marveled at how easy one can lie in order to make a good first impression.
I made my way to a center I want to do my community service and was wet and muddy through and through. The lady I was directed to was warm and she got me chatting so fast I forgot she was to be my supervisor!
I am back on campus and the only one (forget the other girl) who is spotting muddy shoes, a red tiny umbrella, multi-colored Kikoi bag, two sweaters, and soaked up to the ankle jeans!
Now, do you still find it amusing or simply out of this world??

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