Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Woman's Work is Never Done

I wonder who came up with this saying-for it's true in essence.
This semester has seen me take up my final requirement of graduation-Community service. Community service simply put means that students get to work at approved centers for 9 hours a week in a duration of 10 weeks making it 90hours. According to the school, you are supposed to get the hands on experience of what life is out of your comfort zone. Most of these centers deal with the underprivileged in the society. I get to help at a Community based organization in Kariobangi that focuses on HIV/Aids in children under the age of 18years.
Most of these children are sexually active and few get the opportunity to pursue a university education and as such most go unnoticed for their uncanny ability to read into people's lies.
So, this one time on my way to the center I encounter two women. One has a big 'gunia' bag and the other has a smaller one full pf what seems to be plates and spoons. They are making rounds selling food to people who work around and do not have the luxury of eating at restaurants.
They had chapatis that made me hungry just by their scent!
They were talking about how many girls nowadays waste their lives by engaging in drug abuse, meaningless sexual encounters just so they can get quick cash to buy clothes and powder their faces. I was seated in the Matatu at the far end listening to the other passengers contribute to the conversation. Would you like to know what sparked this wonderful conversation?
I will tell you anyway- a lady, passed the matatu heading for another one-she was in black tights and a yellow blouse that could barely cover her navel. She had those "Sasha weaves"-nope, not those ones-I mean she simply had some long hair that was not naturally hers'.  On her left hand she had a big yellow bag, enough to contain her if she meant it.
The touts were whistling as she passed by and making certain remarks in Kikuyu-which I am not well versed with. Now these women-were irked by her dressing and how much she revealed her body. They went on to say that temptation is not simply, (allow me to quote) "Eve giving Adam the apple to eat, but Eve making sure Adam looks at the apple and lusts for it."
These women work hard to keep their families intact. They wake up as early as 4:00am to see to the house chores and then prepare the food for sale. They supply food from Kariobangi to Huruma and up the stretch of the road to Allsopps.
Now, when someone says that a woman's work is never done-this does not mean that men do no work. It only means that to women there's so much that's expected and they have the innate tendency to nurture and one cannot nurture for a minute but for a lifetime. Hence a woman's work can never be done.

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