Sunday, September 18, 2011


So before you start asking about the title-well, it's a Sunday to day and I engaged in one of my relaxation techniques. I took a free ride to town and now I'm back.
It is something my room mate has failed to understand simply because my level of absurdity is on the increase so is my rationality. It's a thing of beauty staying in a hostel-where the students are free to do as they please. This is because you witness firsthand how many waste their lives. It is to this effect that I happened to grab a copy of Frank Furedi's "Where have all the Intellectuals gone?"
The guy asks, what happened to Universities being the center of scholastic achievement and why most graduates only leave campus with the notion of 'get-rich quick' and not that of ethics and moral duty. It got me thinking of the lifestyle most students adopt while in the University and how this affects their future. Thinking about it made me cringe-as I often do and my room mate tells me I'm too old for my age and I need a break.
So, yesterday the occupants of a room one door from mine decide to turn their place into a club. They start shouting, and drinking and blasting music at 10:00pm. I take it lightly hoping the buzz would die down by 12:00pm-give or take. The care-taker warns them two hours later, but all the while this girl keeps shouting "Vero! Vero! I love you Vero! You are so hot-I would not think twice about making out with you...yoo-hoo-Vero! Darling, why aren't you talking to me? People hate you are ignoring me, because you think you are hot, Vero!"
This goes on for an hour, as her boyfriend tries to get her to relax. It is sad really-so at 2:00am I walk to their door and knock0two guys with bulging heads, satellite ears, pounded noses and droopy eyes open the door. I tell them to shut up or move out-clubs are set up specifically for this. I need to sleep!
They apologize and say that one girl (the screamer) is high on grass (weed, bhang,MJ) . I tell them to kick her out because as far as I am concerned that room belongs to the now famous Vero and not them.
I get back to bed, play three rounds of Mahjong-and talk to my room mate till 3:21am and forcefully shut my eyelids!
Now, why the bus ride??
I see so much when I get to go to different places and it is the only time I can see people go about the business in the hope of capturing something great-like these pictures.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?