Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Beauty of Pain (TBP)

You must be like-is she for real?
I so am! Talking of the beauty of pain from a recent experience. So, when we go to bed at night-we always hope to wake up better the next day. Some of us,know this will automatically happen and as such do not bother about it. True as it may be, this does not apply to me-I have had this constant pain emanating from my wisdom tooth. It has made my nights full of splendor as await dawn-with eyes wide open.
So yesterday-I somehow drifted off to sleep only to wake up with heavy jaw, buzzing sound in my ears and a splitting headache! I made my way to the community service center and my supervisor told me to put my bag down and seek a dentist! Surprised smile
I was freaking out, but the pain in my jaw couldn't hear none of it,let alone whiff my fear. So, I sought a dentist who extracted my tooth and there I was much better, right?
Well, not so-for once I was hungry and I couldn't eat, because the anesthesia had faded away and what was left was this unexpected pain! So, what next? My delightful cousin-prescribed some porridge-which I had for supper. I stayed up at night also drinking fresh milk, because I was taking aspirin like tic tacs on an empty stomach.
Best part of this: my room mate! The girl suggests "eat with one side."
My answer was: "Biologically that's impossible." She was laughing and to which she said,she heard me say "impoffible."
She may have been right, but at that moment-it struck me that the little things matter. Everything on earth connects to the other. It is of delight and profound insight when we appreciate how much these little things keep us going. Have you wondered why when every part of the body hurts? Like, people say migraines are the worst, but try bumping your elbow on a flat surface-or simply block your nostrils or mouth and see how much discomfort you will be in.Cry
Inasmuch as my room mate thought it possible-she forgot two crucial factors involved-she forgot the role of my tongue and saliva. I may grind the food on one side, but to break it down and swallow it,I need both my tongue and saliva. What results then is food particles going to the slot where my tooth was extracted and the pain itself-leaves me dancing to a tune she knows not.
So, the beauty of pain as I realized yesterday and still do today-is that it not only makes us human, but it makes our body which we often neglect, come up with defense mechanisms. It also creates room for awareness, in seeing the immense values of things we overlook...pain is beautiful,am guessing you are asking-what of emotional pain?
I'll get to that,someday.