Sunday, October 23, 2011

Work Can Be Beautiful (WCBB)

So, if you are working the normal time from 8:00am to 5:00pm, you must be asking, really? Well, some of you might be like-'she's crazy, she has no clue.' Well, I am known to be crazy if not completely unorthodox in my approach to life, but I'd agree to having no clue. I have no clue why people insist on work being a pain-and only look forward to Fridays and the end month.
So, lets go back years or months back-to those who are working. You flipped through newspapers, and applied for jobs in many places. You attended interviews and was hired by one employer. So, you saw it as an opportunity to advance and be financially independent, right? So, after a few weeks at work you are bored stiff, feel overworked and simply hate the bosses. My question is when you were applying for a job-you were asking for work. You were asking to be given work and to be paid after 30 or 31 days, so why the indifference?
Some of you must be like-'she seriously has no clue'-well I still have no clue, why the indifference sprouts! No matter how tough things may be-I daresay,look on the bright side. Work is there to be done, you have the expertise and time, do what is expected of you, and do it because you know that you are the right person for it.
Isn't it odd that we want to have money to spend but don't want to work for it?
Isn't it odd that our work ethic is completely selfish?
Take the example of artists- they know what it means to produce something beautiful. One of the reasons why many of them are not taken seriously is because of their desire to achieve perfection. They know that a painting is just not some strokes on a canvas, but the right colors, texture,lighting, emotions and time. This is why a painter can take over a decade just working on one painting. It is however sad that when he finally shows it to the world, very few understand the immense beauty and perfection it upholds. We live in times when immediate gratification is the order of the day. It is the century of 'hustling' and 'hustling hard.' What has this led to but people forever in a rush, and people being overworked-we lose the time to create beautiful memories because we are busy chasing money-to buy stuff and fill our houses, clothes we need not, electronics that we show off and this has led to blank and boring people.
There's this account of when Buddha, gave a silent sermon. He had a lotus flower in hand and looked at it the whole time. The people there were silent, some impatient, waiting to hear him talk. Silence can speak volumes and so can sight and intuition. However on Monk, smiled and he bowed to thank him then left. The others did not get the lesson. It was that of beauty.
I extend the same to you. You are special and have the time. You can take time and see the beauty in life and nature. Like that monk, you can appreciate the smallest things and how much they can bring joy.
Simply put: Isn't it beautiful that a red rose can be a symbol of love yet the same has thorns that when pricked elicit a tear or two?
Work can be beautiful, because you have the power to do something. You are hired because you can, so show it and stop whining. Do not appreciate your bosses' money and not the work they give you to build up your patience and knowledge. For if the work is not there-so will you.

Live your Life!