Friday, October 14, 2011

E + Motion = EMOTION!

His girlfriend dumped him, his friends told him a drink or two would heal his heart. He has been drinking ever since. He just labelled me a "Frenemy (friend+enemy).
Given the recent turn of events, men have been labelled as cheats, who are promiscous and this has resulted in most women joining the camp. Some after seeing that no man would commit to them, have resorted to simply having fun. This has of course led to a nation where fun, drinks, car crashes, prostitution, hate, gender wars, lack of trust, vengeance... and many more being the order of the day.
So where does all this start?
Allow me to introduce the big C word: CAMPUS!
Socrates and Plato both agreed that the university is where scholars, pioneers and people who are to change the world are made. It is also the same place where people who think less of the world and would gladly destroy it thrive. So, relationships has taken a turn for the worst on campus-and it seems as though my new status as per my friend is just perfect. I shall play devils' advocate for two questions only: Do guys love women? Yes, they do.
Why do they cheat? Define cheating..
So, friend-Anne here, who's reading as I type this has already declared a cold war. Guys cheat because they lust for all women. I replied, why are women then so luscious nowadays? She is still shrieking! Okay, back to my story- he got dumped for a reason. He went out with his friends and got wasted. He picked a girl whom he brought back to his room. His girlfriend knowing he had stayed up all night studying, decided to surprise him with some breakfast. She opens the door and finds the two in bed. They were primitive enough not to use a duvet or bedsheet. She put the brown bag down and walked out. He woke up to a hangover and three of his friends telling him she was crying as she left his room. She has never answered his calls, or talked to him on campus.
His take: "I love her, you know that... I mean, it was one night, it was a mistake, it was just a thing, I mean, I was wasted. Why don't you talk to her?"
My take: "You love her, you lust for another girl, you were meant to be studying that night, it was not just a thing-it was the two of you, were wasted. I shall not talk to her, because I have nothing to defend you with so far."
Now I know why he was so irked with me.
So, what happened? He simply acted in a whim and that cost him the girl he loves. Isn't it ironical that every person expects a reason for an act as nonsensical as stated?
Newton said it "for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction." Why do people listen to Pastor Chris and forget about Newton? So, now he's a drunk-he looks for answers at the bottom of every brown bottle. He has simply forgotten one motto he lived by "SWAG" and now opts for one pair of worn out jeans a month. He talks to me when he wants to and I often brew him a cup of coffee and knock some sense into him.
Emotions are energy in motion. Simply put,it's what you do with the feelings you have. If you act expect a reaction. The reaction is bound to occur (thanks to Newton) but what matters is how you view this reaction. Will you let a negative reaction weigh you down? Will you see it as lesson learnt and move on? It's all up to you then. If you are human enough to act, then be human enough to accept the consequences-and also human enough to know that love does not cease upon heartbreak or disappointment.

Live your Life!