Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So, say you make two steps foward and then take ten back-it means you are far back by eight steps right?
Well, I dare say no! It means that you have overlooked eight steps thus finding yourself ten steps back.  So, how did I stumble upon this? Well, I have this annoying toothache that has lasted three weeks! My room mate has resigned herself to the fact that I love the pain and she might be right in saying that. See, it's what we call a wisdom tooth-it is barely out from the shadow of my gum and yet it has some cavity-how, well I don't know?
So, the best remedy is having it uprooted. I am still waiting to do so-and for the moment the pain has kept me awake at very odd times in the night.
I once watched this pirated movie-that was meant to be in English but turned out to be in German. There were no subtitles and I couldn't play around with the remote to try and establish some sanity-so there I was eating pop corn and watching a movie in German-about evil. See, according to the movie at 3:00am-that's when evil spirits roam. So, thanks to my tooth I was up at quarter to three and the only thing I could hear was my neighbor playing "No love -Eminem featuring Lil Wayne."
After tossing and turning and hitting my head on my study table, I decided to read a book. The first book that my hand picked was Chinua Achebe's "Arrow of God" -a few pages later I was with pen in  hand writing a letter to my best friend. My room mate woke up at 5:00am to find me staring at the ceiling and burst out laughing. It was the first time I had woken up before her-it was a grand miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!
When she learned it was the tooth again-she walked into the bathroom, got ready for her internship and spent half an hour staring at me. I ended up saying, "I will see a dentist, don't worry."
Turns out the letter I wrote was addressed to no one and it had the same sentence all through, "It's like I took two steps forward and ten back, more like a million if you ask me,as for the pain, am okay with it,at least I know am human."

So,if you often find yourself stuck in one moment and everyone keeps telling you that you need to move on-well, they might be right. It simply means that there is something you haven't grasped from that moment. This is what might be holding you back. For when you decide on a course of action-go through with it. It should not be decided upon by other people, you make the choices and you take responsibility of the actions. All you have to do is know it's your moment and your lesson to learn-embrace that and you'll have a great experience-one that is more humane!

Live your Life!