Friday, October 21, 2011


I was talking to myself this afternoon as I made my way from community service at Kariobangi to campus. See, today has been one of those crazy days-well, I had to queue in a bank for almost an hour to deposit some money. All the while there was this bulky man whose eyes couldn't stay open. His eyelids kept flattering like a bird. I was so uncomfortable I started checking my mail on Facebook!
 I had decided that I would not post any article today-but seems like it changed when I got here. I get so exhausted when I get home from the field that at times all I do is head home, shower and sleep! As I walked into the school compound this afternoon a thought struck me, it was one of those beautiful feelings of serenity that just overcomes you. It's like taking some cold water in a sunny day or listening to that one song that makes you smile, or seeing the person you love excel in life. It was something like that. What difference would it make to the world if you loved everyone?
What difference would it be when you see someone in pain and you comfort them or you listen to a person in their time of need?
What difference would it make when every person you met smiled and not only because they can but because you make them feel good?
What difference would it make when you wished your friends well, or that person you never talk to-but you always see them around?
I stopped at the cafeteria for my daily treat of coffee and thought of this. I had said I would not write anything, but what good would it be if I let it go to waste? I have realized that my mind is  like an electric engine-more like nature if you ask me-I can control it some times, but once a good thought is brewing no matter how much I hit the stop button it just goes on. Iyaz would say my mind's on replay,but it's just that way with a good idea.
I have interacted with so many people in my life. I have also been offended by so many but most of the times-I have believed that people are good.
It doesn't hurt to smile at others, but it takes honesty to care for others. It also takes patience to walk with others through their hard times. It is not like we lack these virtues, but we think of them as of no use to us. The society we live in has become purely, every man for himself. It is so sad that we can take so much time talking trash of others, or how low they have sunk while we cannot lend a helping hand. You do not have to give money to every person in need-but offering your time, empathizing with them and most of all appreciating them and seeing their power to overcome in tough times-is the best thing you can do.
You are special, so why not elevate another personSmile.