Monday, October 10, 2011


So, this week has gotten off to a rather entertaining start for me. I shall not go into the details, but my hope is that whichever note you started on-you will dare to see the positive in it.
I had a weekend full of life changing situations and most of them denied me the emotional strength that I so needed. It was not easy talking to a friend who has lost a relative. I also found it hard to make my friend realize the good in him, when clearly his troop of friends opted to get him drunk right after he got dumped!
So, there it goes a hangover case, grief case, love case, insomnia, pain, bitterness and the best of all a fashion case.
Did you know that you can change your reaction just as easily as blinking your eye?
Did you also know that a smile, can simply create room for conversation on a personal level?
I thought of all these after my weekend and it got me thinking-I seriously need to buy a coffee maker and indulge as much as I can!
Have you ever gone to a show room where they have large windows over-looking the area around? Or better yet, made a visit to the lighthouse and seen just how beautiful it is to be high up?
Isn't it ironical that the same thing that can offer us such a view can also be our downfall? I am talking of say when a person is pushed off the building through the window-his/her death would be tragic. It would also be the only place where you can see people who come and go without them knowing you are watching. TO have that power over others can be as destructive as it beautiful. My good friend, over a mouthful of pop corn, just asked me this weekend "Dora, why don't you let go?"
In this case we were talking about living life and enjoying it. We were watching a recap of last years' MTV Awards and instead of enjoying the music-I mused that most of the audience were women. She simply asked me to shut down my keen eye and enjoy the show-what she didn't know was I was enjoying it more-because then it was not about the performers but also about their audience!
Take: Life has extremes and most of the times we are so eager to see the "what if?" the bad side instead of the good side. Our curiosity and fear of failure has led us to ask "why?" instead of "what?" Try asking yourself "what am I to learn here?" anytime you find yourself in a difficult situation, because you never know-that alone can change your mind to some better action. Isn't it also ironical that every "why?" must be met with a defense in the form of "because?"