Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This Letter

Dear Green,
I have always wanted to write a letter. I am not talking of the kind that's already dictated and my words are perfect. I yearn for that letter that has my own handwriting-not the one written in Calibri,Tahoma, Georgia, Times New Roman, or Arial Black. I am talking of the one I hold a pen-and stress every point.
I want the letter to be from me to you.
I want to write it from the beginning to the end and share with you my world.
If they say that the world has nothing to offer me-then they are wrong, for it's not about the world but about me-what do I have to offer the world? I am not talking of people Green, but I am talking of the experiences in this world, what do I make of them?
Green, by the time you will be getting this letter-you will be in either three continents: Africa, America or Australia.
You might be a woman or man-you might be someone whose busy working, who feels like the world is coming down on them. You might feel like Atlas, but before you shrug-read this, such that when you do shrug-you let the world go without regrets.
You might also have had a very bad week-and the thought of reading something amusing or beautiful has crossed your mind-I hope this letter is just the one.
Green, why should I call you Green?
I have no idea but its' the first color that came to mind as I sat down to write this. I would have called you Yellow, but we know there's only one Yellow in my life. I could have called you Orange, but we do know that I love anything orange for it reminds me of what's fun, bubbly and creative. I could have called you any color I wanted, but Green just came to mind. I am writing this letter, to remind you Green that beauty is not only in technology-but at times we have forgotten the joy that we experienced when we waited for a letter for two weeks and got it. Do you remember the days when you would take time and read a foolscap, written in the handwriting of someone dear to you?
Do you feel as though now we have no time for each other Green? Isn't it funny that you can simply text me or email me a response like "ok."On the other hand you would have described your status to me in a long letter? Now, you can tweet me or text me or +me or even share your status with me in less than 140 characters? Isn't that more like a telegram depiction of your life?
I am always glad to hear from you Green-no matter how short, brusque or insulting to English Grammar your words are I always take them in.
I have achieved something-at least I have begun this conversation and maybe, just maybe you too have learned something from it Green

Have a wonderful week Green!
Yours Truly,

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?