Thursday, November 3, 2011


Have you ever heard people telling you 'forget about it, let it go-it's in the past?"
Have you ever wondered or asked yourself why you seem stuck in that moment? I do love three things and I will tell you about them again; books, coffee and good music. I can sit down to a good book, sip some coffee while listening to some good music. To achieve this I visit the school library every day and walk through the floors-and browse through the shelves. I have some friends who do not know how the school online search system works (OPAC)-and some of them ask me where they might locate certain books. I would more often than not direct them appropriately but it's not because I use OPAC, but because I browse through the shelves. I pick a section, go through all the books and then walk to the next. There's something about books that draws me to them. I wish I had a better way of explaining how good it feels looking through those shelves for a good book.
So, today I picked a book "Thinkers of the East" by Idries Shah and was drawn to it, first by the quote " The rights that others have over you,remember them. The rights that you have over others, forget them."
It got me thinking-how often do we do the opposite?
Why is it so easy to forget the rights others have over us and remember the ones we have over others? Simple-it is because of our ego and the need to feel superior. It hit me that every day in whatever we do, one of the main objectives is to make the 'me' happy. It is all about being happy. Happiness in this case is simply about pride and not peace of mind.
I have often heard people say that they are having a bad day. If you ask them why, or what it is about their day that makes them declare it bad, they say 'things are not working out as I planned.'
If you were a driver on the wheel then you would say that. We often forget that we are people and we have minds. We process thoughts and at times desires that are manifested in our actions. We also forget that the same mind, can choose to make out a situation out of nothing, simply because we have these preconceived notions that we are supposed to have things work our way.
We get frozen in time, because we keep playing one moment over and over again. Each time we play that moment we forget to switch roles and often play the victim. It becomes more of a state in which 'I was wronged, it shouldn't have happened like that, I did not want it to happen like that, blah blah blah!'
Each time you replay an occurrence in the past, try switching roles and thinking of the other perspective-maybe then you will not be so frozen in time,who knows?